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Create a more comfortable environment for employees and guests

Engineered with performance and well-being in mind.

Dyson purifier in an office setting

Dyson air treatment

Used in business and leisure environments, Dyson purifiers can help create a cleaner, more comfortable environment.

  • Image of Dyson Pure Cool tower capturing pollutants and projecting purified air

    Dyson Pure Cool logo

    Automatically purifies and cools you

    • Senses and displays real-time air quality
    • Captures allergens, pollutants and gases1
    • Projects purified air to every corner of the room
    • Dimensions: H 1054 x L 117 x W 200 mm

Pollution can build up indoors

Everyday items in the workplace, such as cleaning products and printers, can release potentially harmful microscopic particles. Our sealed filters help remove them from the air around employees and guests.

A woman sitting at a desk in an office meeting room. A microscopic image shows pollution in the air.

Advanced purification and even room heating

Take a look at the advanced technology inside the Dyson purifier fan heater.

X-ray of the inner workings of a Dyson purifier fan

Why choose Dyson for business