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Powerful, precise light at work

The right light in the right place can have a positive impact on businesses - and the people in them.

2 models using Dyson Lightcycle desk to work

Dyson lighting

Dyson lighting is engineered to support well-being and task performance, with custom-engineered optics and Heat pipe technology that protects light quality for up to 60 years.1 Dyson lights come with a 5 year guarantee and surpass office lighting standards.

  • Dyson Lightcycle task light on a desk

    Dyson Lightcycle logo

    Intelligently tracks local daylight. With light quality that lasts 60 years.1

    • Heat pipe technology maintains LED brightness for 60 years1
    • 3 Axis Glide™ motion puts light precisely where you need it
    • Bubble optic lens displays colour very close to daylight
    • Dimensions: H 703 x L 190 x W 702 mm

Fluorescent lighting is flawed. LEDs can underperform.

Fluorescent lighting can be inefficient, waste light and use costly-to-replace bulbs. While LEDs can suffer from overheating, affecting their longevity and brightness.

Inefficient, costly fluorescent bulbs on office ceiling

Light quality that lasts decades

Without proper cooling, LEDs can quickly overheat, causing fading and discolouring. The Dyson Lightcycle™ task light uses Heat pipe technology to efficiently cool the LEDs, protecting the light quality for 60 years.1 This allows it to reliably adjust its colour and brightness.

Dyson Lightcycle technology cutaway
Dyson Cu-Beam logo

Flexible, powerful suspended lighting. Precisely where your business needs it.

Cu-Beam suspended lighting illuminating an office

Why choose Dyson for business